Saturday, 16 August 2008


kano - it's a war

You probably all know this Kano song, it's a war. But have you seen the video? It's probably my favourite dance in a music video for ever and ever amen. And i just can't get enough of that guitar riff, although it's probably a synth or something, i am no expert. But don't go trying to blast this in your jeep or Nissan Pablos because you can't hear the words through a car stereo for some reason and your passenger just looks at you like you're odd. And then they try and reach out their hand and skip to the next 'track' (as all the cool people are calling it) and that is a truely forbidden passengerial behaviour. Let me give you a lesson in modern etiquette. If you are the passenger in a vehicle, do not under any circumstances attempt to alter the sound equipment in any way shape or form. It is the driver/owner of the vehicles privilege and responsibility to basically be the DJ of that car for the entire journey. If he gives you permission or asks you to assist in the operation of the stereo, then go ahead. But otherwise DO NOT alter the volume. If i have just turned it up to a level you find unacceptable, then let your ears bleed bitch. That's my stereo, if you're in my car, you might aswell be in my house, eating my food, and if you don't like it get the fuck out and walk to Londis. Maybe that experience is just exclusive to me, but as far as i'm concerned, messing with my car stereo without my say so, is a socially unacceptable behaviour on a par with flopping out your cock and asking me to rate it out of ten. Just don't do it.

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