Monday, 18 August 2008

Ren & Stimpy

Just wanted to know, does anybody know what I'm talking about when i say 'the close ups in Ren & Stimpy'. People always use to ask me, 'do you watch Ren & Stimpy?' And i use to reply 'yes i love the close ups'. And they use to look at me as if i had answered them in pig Latin.

In fact i use to watch the cartoon waiting eagerly for these close ups. A freeze frame in graphic detail, they were beautifully illustrated. I've had trouble finding any examples online and this picture isn't exactly what I'm talking about. I will only truly be happy when i have a set of these close ups printed on thick card almost like coasters presented to me in a metal collectors tin. That is a product which should be made available.


Thomas said...

The close-ups are the best part of ren and stimpy. I am really upset that show didn't run longer, or they didn't bring it back on adult swim. It is perfect adult comedy.

JIRO said...

I know what you mean, maybe not the best example, but abit like 27 seconds into this clip.

Conroy said...

You got it! these images need to be available in some form of printed matter