Saturday, 16 August 2008

Into the wild

Do you remember that 14 year old boy who starred alongside Jodie Foster in the film Panic room? Well this is a picture of Kristen Stewart, the fine young temptress he has grown into.

I found out about her the other day when i watched into the wild, a film by Sean Penn. It's based on the book of the same name (i think) and the true story of this young guy who runs off and lives like a hobo. It's pretty good, it's not something you'd watch over and over like terminator or predator or anal witness 6, but it's one of those films where you enjoy the experience and the message, but you wouldn't buy it.
I found it a bit patronising at times, but maybe that is because i didn't like being told that i never had enough freedom and spontaneity and adventure in my life. The truth hurts. But anyway you should check the film. I like the fact that the book and the film have turned the guys life into some kind of message for everybody. Even if it is telling us that our lives are complete bull shit and we should go and live like tramps.

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